Yacht Agents

In recent years we act as Yacht Agents and we are proudly serving the largest yachts in the Mediterranean area.
We offer a wide range of services including marina services and Captain’s support in documentation, clearance, berthing, provisioning, bunkering, helicopter arrangements, luxury mini van transportation and all land/air arrangements.

Marine Surveys

We have expert surveyors and forensic investigators and provide the full range of marine surveys including pre-purchase surveys, casualty investigations, insurance surveys and damage claims, disputes and litigation, cargo consultancies, audits, inspections and certification, technical expertises and sea trials.

Logistic Services

We know how to collect, store, transport and deliver the cargo efficiently. Keeping costs and time schedule in mind we always look for a smooth and safe way to transport. By detailed planning we make sure that from start to finish every step is in accordance to our high quality standard and we comply with…


Customs Broking

We are well versed in all the latest Italian and European Customs regulations.
Our expertises covers a broad range of knowledge including Customs law, Customs classification, Customs tariff schedule, import and export regulations, shipping procedures, trade documentation etc.
Our expert staff can streamline the entire importing/exporting operation.